Tru Reviews

Easy to face always feels dry never shiny. I've always had redness and Tru airbrush makeup covers it all up. My acne has gone away and I get so many compliments on my skin. At lunch with friends the other day they asked if I've been doing fillers because my skin looks so good! I've given them as gifts! Heather Moeder
This is the first foundation I've ever used that TRUly makes my skin feel and look better. Thank you! Peggy Miller
What an amazing discovery I found when I stumbled upon you. I was simply looking for a makeup that lasted, didn’t make me look old, looked pretty and finished and most of all healthy. So in my search of “healthy airbrush makeup,” I found you! Stephanie at Tru Airbrush was friendly and extremely helpful in assisting me on the phone to choose the right colors for my skin. She even stood behind the products when I had chosen the wrong colors and replaced with the ones that matched my skin. I love love love this makeup. It is very easy to apply. My skin looks so young and the finished look lasts all morning, all day and all evening. I absolutely love the BB cream/primer, as it has actually faded many of the small brown spots on my face I have from too much sun in my younger years. A co-worker (who I have known for five years), actually recently thought I was 10 years younger than I am!! I could not be more pleased with your products. Karla Law
"Oh my goodness!!!!! The TRU owners gave me a make over in seriously 5 min and I looked ten years younger. This make up is phenomenal, it's lightweight but lasts 18 hours, feels soooo good on my skin and looks perfect. The best's fast. Which is important to me!!! And of course I made my little sis Kristen try it!!! Kristen's face looked like velvet! Flawless and beautiful!" Elaine Reinholz
"What I love- is being told by the CEO at our annual Christmas party - that he didn't realize they invited movie stars to the party and he meant me:) Pretty awesome to be able to look like that every day thanks to you and Tru!!! Cindy Russert-Van Den Bogart
"I love Tru airbrush cosmetics because it is lightweight giving me a flawless look without looking like I am wearing too much makeup! As an esthetician, I always find it hard to recommend makeup products to clients but with this line, I have full confidence that it safe for all skin types and actually allows my clients' skin to breath! Oh and it has soy protein for skin firming and awesome is that?!" Natalie T Steger
"It's quick and easy to use. I love that it's natural and I love that it covers my age spots and makes this 44 year old woman look like she has flawless skin. I have had so many people lately tell me that my makeup looks good. I tell them it's TRU!!!!!" Michelle Katsanis Bankson
"I love the way it feels on my skin, and that I can mix the colors to create different shades!" Diana Syata Davidson
"I love my TRU airbrush because I am in my mid 40s but definitely don't look it once I apply my airbrush! It is so easy to apply and absolutely affordable!!!" Penny Potter Hargens
"I LOVE the airbrush makeup! It took all of my redness away and lasted the entire night and while I slept! Such an awesome product! Thank you!!" Tori Marino
"I am so incredibly grateful for the ladies at Tru Airbrush Makeup! Thank y'all for giving me the touch-ups I needed and making me feel confident in my appearance at Miss Teen America 2014. Thanks to you ladies, I was able to look and feel my best and walk away with 4th runner-up! Hope to see and work with you again in the near future." Adrienne G. Poole- Miss Kentucky Teen America 2014 11 Jul 2014