Tru Facts



TRU Airbrush makeup minimizes the look of wrinkles & fine lines because airbrush makeup “sits” on top skin instead of seeping into pores and fine lines. 


TRU Airbrush is never cakey, sticky or chalky.  It lasts all day and eliminates the need for mid-day touch ups!


TRU airbrush dries INSTANTLY! And will not come off on your clothes.


TRU airbrush makeup is hygienic & sanitary.  It is applied without brushes, sponges or hands touching face, therefore, reducing the potential of bacteria on the face.


Our coverage reduces or covers blemishes, age spots, redness, rosacea, large pores, and acne like you won't believe! This makeup will give you confidence back if you have any of these skin conditions!


We use only the highest grade of all ingredients including minerals. All of our ingredients are FDA Approved and safe for your skin. Our product will not cause breakouts or an unnatural look after a few hour of wear


Our airbrush colors are forgiving & blend-able to match every skin color!


Our makeup saves time!!  You can apply several makeup products with one tool in ¼ of the time! Imagine applying your makeup perfectly in less than 2 minutes!


TRU Airbrush Makeup's entire lab is 100% certified Gluten Free!