TRU Color Match

Not sure of your exact shade?  Our color match guarantee takes the guesswork out of finding the right foundation for your skin tone.  With 10 shades of airbrush foundation, you will be able to find your perfect shade to create flawless results.  Below are the steps to finding your color match:

1)  Determine your Skin Tone

We have 3 skin tones:  Fair, Light/Medium, Tan/Dark  To determine your skin tone, focus on the color of your skin in the jaw line area.  

2)  Find your undertone

The undertone is the hint of color under your skin.  You have a warm skin tone if you look the best wearing shades of orange, green or brown.  You have a cool skin tone if you look the best wearing shades of pink or pastel colors.  If you can wear a variety of colors, you have a neutral skin tone.

3)  Finding the Perfect Color Combination

Your skin tone and undertone together will determine your TRU Airbrush color match.  Your skin tone can change with changing seasons so you might need to update your foundation color from time to time to ensure the shade is TRUe for you.  Mixing multiple colors of foundations is easy.  Just add a few drops of each color into your airbrush stylus cup, hold your finger over the nozzle in the front of the stylus and pull the trigger back slightly.  You will see the makeup bubbling up.  The bubbling action mixes the two colors together!

4)  Add a Warm or Cool Blush 

Finish off your look with our Berry Sorbet Blush or Plum Frost Blush.  Try mixing the two of them together for a customized blush color that is perfect for you.  

5)  Add a Healthy Glow

To complete your look, try our Diamond or Gold Glow.  The Diamond Glow is for cooler skin tones and the Gold Glow is for warmer skin tones.  Our glows will highlight your skin and create a finished look.  

6)  Always Take Care of Your Skin

TRU Airbrush Cosmetics are made with water and natural minerals.  Our products do not contain harmful ingredients like silicone, talc or paragons.  And because our makeup does not contain oils for fragrances, it won't clog your pores.  Your skin will stay looking fresh and vibrant throughout the day.