Our Philosophy

TRU Benefits

We are the first TRUe mineral airbrush makeup line that is high pigment using only the finest quality and healthy minerals we can source, instead of artifical dyes or pigments. TRU Airbrush Makeup is infused it with a soy protein that is resistant to humidity. A sealant of our makeup setting mist can be sprayed over the final application for added protection.We are the first TRUe mineral based airbrush makeup line that uses only the finest quality ingredients and healthiest minerals. Our mineral based airbrush makeup is free from artificial dyes or pigments, therefore making it the healthiest option on the market.  We know you will not be disappointed once you give TRU Airbrush Makeup a try! 
Our makeup has incredible longevity up to 18 hours without touchups. TRU's mineral and water based formula is great for covering acne, scars, uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmented areas. With our TRU color shades we offer a wide variety of ready to wear foundations for ALL skin colors. 

We have 11 ready to wear shades of foundation, however if one is not your exact color that's ok!  ! Your kit comes with 2 bottles of foundation to mix until your perfect shade is achieved!

Using two shades of airbrush foundation, you are easily able to customize your personal color with a few drops of each color!

As your skin lightens/darkens during the seasons, you can mix your perfect shade by changing your foundation shade. You simply use more or less  of each shade! It's really that easy! You are set for any skin tone changes during the seaon changes!

TRU Airbrush Is Pure Water & Mineral Based

Our products are infused with natural ingredients such as soy protein for firming, tightening, softening, and smoothing the skin and we have chosen honeysuckle flower as our naturalpreservative.
Our makeup is even safe enough for post surgical operations!


This serves as certification that products manufactured by TRU Airbrush Makeup, LLC. does not contain, nor are manufactured with gluten (wheat, barley, rye, or oats). In addition, no other products are made with gluten that are manufactured in our lab. TRU's lab is 100% Gluten Free!

No Harsh Chemicals Safe for ALL Skin Types

Our products are Silicone Free, Talc Free, Paraben Free, Oil Free, Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) The colors in our mineral makeup derived from true minerals.
The minerals are what ensures an amazing coverage that evens out any skin tone and hides almost any skin imperfection. ​