How To Airbrush

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Hold the airbrush like you would a pencil. You control color makeup and air release  with the Trigger/Lever.

Diststance away from your face and mode guide:
Foundation     6”     Lor or Medium  MODE
Bronzer        4”       Low or Medium MODE
Blush/Glow -   4”     Low or Medium MODE

Preparing the face for airbrush
Always make sure your skin is dry and clean! Apply moisturizer and concealer under eyes and optional primer prior to airbrush. Give the moisturizer enough time to soak into the skin before applying foundation.  Moisturizer, concealer, and primer are all optional with TRU Airbrush Makeup. We suggest applying your eyeshawdow prior to under eye concealer or airbrush foundation (this goes for any foundation) so that you can brush off any "fall-out shawdow" under the eye area . Apply your mascara after airbrush is complete (untill you are comfortable without getting any on your eyelashes).

Hand in constant movement /Hot Spots
Move your hand back and forth lightly in circular motions while pulling back on the lever to create light passes of color. Start with the forehead and work around the face toward the center. Do more passes for coverage in certain areas. It’s important to have constant motion when applying airbrush to avoid uneven or blotchy areas (unless you require more coverage in particular areas). Use slight pressure when controlling the trigger. You should not be able to see it on your skin. It will just appear when they look in the mirror unlike traditional makeup. Be sure to keep the makeup flowing and always keep your hand/wrist moving. If you stop your hand while makeup is being released you will create what is called “hot spots”

Foundation: 6-8 Drops
You should not use more than 6-8 drops of makeup in the airbrush cup at a time. At very most…10 drops would be for a opaque full coverage foundation. Most users find they actually only need 6-8 drops once they understand the correct trigger control. Remember, less is more with Airbrush! You should NOT see it go on like typical foundation. The concept is to match your skin, therefore you won't see it instantly appear. You will gradually notice your skin looking more even tone, smooth and flawless!

Circular Motion & Overlapping 
The more opaque you want your coverage to look, the more passes you will make on and around the face. Always keep your hand moving in motion preventing build up coverage in a particular spot. Spray lightly in even passes. Repeat the process (overlap) for an additional layer(s) of coverage.

Mixing Colors
Your kit comes with more than one foundation. You may find you need to mix two of the shades together together to get your exact color match! This is completely normal, and it’s the beauty of being able to have the ability to custom blend your own color throughout the year as your skin color changes!

You can also experiment and have fun making new fun colors between the blush, glows, and bronzer!

You don’t have to settle for the colors bottles your kit comes with. Feel free to mix them to create your own. For instance, drop one or two drops of the Berry Sorbet Blush and one drop of Plum Frost Blush to create a BEAUTIFUL new color blush!

*Try this! Add a drop of your bronzer to your foundation! Add a drop of your Gold Glow to the Baked Bronzer or Plum Frost Blush and use for an eye shadow! Have fun mixing new colors! The Deluxe Kit offers the most variety of colors to experiment with!

After putting the makeup into the airbrush cup, cover the nozzle in the front of the stylus with your finger. With your other hand, rock the lever slightly back and forth with your forefinger, which is known as “back bubbling”  so that the makeup colors are mixed together. 

**Hint: When mixing colors , put your lighter color in your airbrush cup first**