Can I use any foundation in my airbrush machine? Can I dilute my regular foundation with water?

We are sorry but absolutely no! Airbrush foundation is completely a different formulation than any other foundation on the market. True Airbrush foundations is a very liquid consistancy that you have to shake very well (you will hear a mixing ball in the bottle) to mix before applying.

Trouble Shooting.

If you are getting splotches or speckling

    Heavy, Blotchy or Uneven Coverage
  • Airflow Setting to High – Lower airflow setting
  • Holding airbrush too close to the face - Stay 6 to 8 inches away from your face to prevent the makeup from being caked on or blotchy.
  • Allowing too much makeup to flow by pulling trigger too far back – Only pull the trigger about 1/3 to 1/2 way back for a very light feathered and soft spray. Pulling the trigger past the midpoint can result in a heavy, blotchy or uneven coverage.
  • Not moving in constant motion when applying makeup
  • Airbrush Not Spraying
  • Clogged Nozzle – Remove and clean both needle and nozzle caps separately by soaking them in hot soapy water. Hold airbrush without nozzle caps under running hot water.
  • Damaged Nozzle – Remove and replace with new nozzle
  • Tip Head is Loose – Tighten needle and nozzle caps
  • Needle not Moving – Tighten loose needle chucking nut found under the tail of airbrush stylus. Refer to "How To Fix A Loose Trigger"
    Grainy or Textured Spray
  • Air Pressure to Low – Adjust to higher airflow setting
  • Dried Makeup on End of Needle – Remove, clean the needle
  • Dirty Airbrush Nozzle – Remove and clean nozzle
  • Makeup too thick – Use fresh makeup from a thoroughly shaken bottle, possibly have applied too much makeup
    Bubbling Fluid in Cup
  • Clogged or Damaged Nozzle – Remove and clean or replace needle and nozzle caps
  • Tip Head is Loose – Tighten needle and nozzle cap.
  • Sprays Double Lines or Heavy on One Side
  • Split Nozzle Tip – Remove and Replace
  • Bent Needle Tip – Remove and straighten or replace
  • Dried Makeup on End of Needle - Remove and clean airbrush needle and nozzle caps. Run hot water over the tip of the exposed needle of airbrush. Gently use a cotton swab to clean tip of needle. 
  • Dirty Airbrush Nozzle – Remove and clean airbrush needle and nozzle caps 
  • Happens when the needle is allowed to snap back into the tip. Always release the trigger gently to avoid splattering.
  • If you have tried cleaning the needle and nozzle caps and it's still splattering:
  • Remove both needle and nozzle caps
  • Remove the tail of the airbrush stylus
  • Remove the airbrush stylus from the rubber hose. (It's ok to cut the hose off bottom of airbrush. When you replace it back on, it not make a difference. 
  • Soak the airbrush in HOT soapy water for 1-2 hours. 
  • Use a cotton swab to throughouly clean both needle and nozzle caps and replace.
  • Use a cotton swab to throughouly clean out the color cup of airbrush.
  • Replace the tail on stylus.
What is TRU Airbrush Makeup?
  • Airbrush makeup is an application of makeup used with a compressor and airbrush gun, which is sprayed onto the skin as a fine mist that can be layered with several passes.
  • Our formulas feel better on your skin… they are healthier for your skin, too! Each formula is crafted with superior minerals, most effective ingredients for unparalleled results, guaranteed. The stellar combination of natural, non-damaging formulas and sleek, easy-to-use technology truly sets TRU Airbrush Makeup above the rest.
What makes TRU Airbrush Makeup better than liquid, mineral and powder makeup?
  • Airbrush makeup is a product  (foundation, blush, highlighter, bronzer, etc.) designed to be turned into thousands of droplets of fine mist when it is infused with air as a compressor (the power source) pushes the air through an airbrush (the application tool - aka, airbrush, stylus, airbrush gun). It replaces sponges, fingers, brushes, etc., making it more hygienic and considerably more hypoallergenic and safer to use.
  • With airbrush makeup, less product is required to provide a fuller, finer, even, and more natural coverage. It produces a natural looking sheer texture at the same time it provides full coverage. The end result is skin that looks flawless created with a minimum of product! The appearance of digital media with photography and hi-definition television has placed airbrush makeup in the spotlight as it is needed for the red-carpet "stars" to look their best - it is their job and they prefer airbrush makeup because of its superior quality. 
  • Also, TRU Airbrush Makeup will not rub off on your hands or clothes.
What are the benefits of airbrushing with TRU Airbrush Makeup?
  • TRU Airbrush Makeup is healthy for your skin, flawless finish, hygienic-hands and brushes never touch your face, minimizes the look of wrinkles and fine lines, gives the look of beautiful young skin, diminishes blemishes, age spots, redness, large pores and acne.
  • TRU Airbrush Makeup is specifically designed with your skin’s health in mind, promising breathability along with an impeccably smooth, even finish. Our formulas are always:
  • Paraben Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Talc Free
  • Oil Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Naturual Preservative
  • Bismuth Oxychloride Free
  • No Nano Particals
  • No GMO's
  • Vegan Makeup
  • Cruelty Free
  • Non-Comedogenic (will not clog pores)
  • All in all, our formulas are essentially minerals and water! Our products are natural and environmentally friendly and our ingredients are blended together to create the lightest makeup experience while providing more coverage than either liquid or loose mineral makeup. Achieve the smoothest, most even complexion you’ve only dreamed of.
How do I choose my TRU Match for my skin tone?

We understand that buying makeup online can be difficult. We have done our best to overcome this issue and we want to make it the best possible experience for YOU!  TRU Airbrush Cosmetics has put together five different pre-selected foundations for based on which skin tone category you are, which makes it easy to find your shade. Skin tones are Fair, Light/Medium, Medium, Tan, and Dark,  All kits come with two shades of color for you to find your perfect shade.. It’s simple to mix colors color to achieve your exact color.

Can I mix TRU Airbrush Makeup to blend different colors?

TRU Airbrush Makeup is perfect to blend colors together!

  • Turn on your compressor, place a few drops of each into the cup.
  • With one hand, put your finger over the front of the nozzle to stop airflow, while holding the stylus in the other hand and slightly pulling back on the lever.
  • This will mix your two different colors together which is referred to as “back bubbling” in the airbrush industry”. You will notice the makeup starts to “bubble”. This is normal.
  • Release the lever and repeat a couple times until the makeup is mixed.
  • You are now ready to spray on your new custom color!
Can I travel with TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit?

Our products are lightweight and easily transportable for travel. Our compressor system is also permitted as a carry on item. *Remember all airports are different and security may vary. Please call in advance to check with your airline carrier. We recommend you pack your compressor and makeup very securely and check a bag when flying if possible. However, most times if TSA security does ask what it is, once you explain it is for makeup application it passes inspection.

How do I learn how to use TRU Airbrush Makeup?

Learning how to use TRU airbrush system is simple, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it the first time. Under the section TRU Videos, you will find helpful instructional tutiorials on how to apply airbrush makeup.

Does TRU Airbrush Makeup product work on all skin types and tones?

TRU Airbrush Makeup is perfect for everyone, no matter what your skin type (dry, combination, or oily) or color, we have foundation that will work for you! TRU Airbrush Makeup is non-comedogenic which means it will not clog your pores.

Can I use other products with my TRU Airbrush Makeup system?

TRU Airbrush is designed to use TRU Airbrush foundation with our needle size, however, if you have another water based airbrush foundation you should be able to use it in our compressor. We do not recommend any silicone based airbrush makeup to be used with our system, which will also void the warranty due to the clogging it will cause.

Does TRU Airbrush offer a warranty?
  • Your TRU Airbrush System comes complete with a 1-year limited warranty from date of purchase on airbrush compressor and AC adapter.
  • Any silicone based airbrush makeup used in the airbrush voids all warranties. Silicone based airbrush makeup tends to clog easily in an airbrush much more so than a water based airbrush makeup. 
How often should I clean my TRU Airbrush gun?

Once you have finished applying all your airbrush makeup, rinse with warm water thoroughly under the sink. This will ensure the best possible makeup application each time you use it.

I just received my TRU Airbrush Makeup system and can’t achieve my desired look, what do I do?

Are you using a concealer under the eyes?

  • We suggest you use a concealer about 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone under your eyes to lighten the under eye. It is optional to use the airbrush as your concealer under your eyes. It is NOT harmful if you get the airbrush makeup in your eyes.
  • With your airbrush stylus, cover any dark spots or blemishes with the stylus first by holding your hand 1-2” from the face and quickly pull and release the trigger about 1/5 of the way back very quick then start airbrushing your entire face to blend the covered areas. 
  • Apply one complete layer of foundation at a time. TRU Airbrush makeup is designed to look natural. 
  • Remember...less is more with Airbrush! You should not see the makeup go on instantly but rather feel a cool mist when the makeup is released. 
How long does it take to apply TRU Airbrush Makeup?

TRU Airbrush is much easier than it looks to apply. You can enjoy a flawless, gorgeous look in five minutes or less! You will apply everything from foundation, blush, bronzer, glow & makeup setting spray by using just the airbrush stylus tool. It is easy to create a soft, natural look as well as a more dramatic look for special events. This makeup is perfect for the busy women on-the-go who doesn’t have time to mess with re-applying make-up during the day becuase it lasts all day!

Is the TRU Airbrush Makeup Stylus the same as a spray Tanning Gun?

No, they are each designed for specific uses.The airbrush stylus is smaller and use for spraying makeup with a smaller spray pattern.The Tanning gun is physically shaped differently, comes with removable cups and sprays a much larger spray pattern designed for spraying tanning solution. TRU does not carry tanning machines or products at this time.