TRU Complexion 5 in 1 Ultimate Moisturizer

TRU Complexion 5 in 1 Ultimate Moisturizer

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Ideal for all skin types including dry, sensitive, oily and acne prone.  It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy or oily, but it will drench it in hydration.  A small dose of primer will make your makeup goes on even smoother. Hydrated and smooth skin is best to start with for any type of makeup!

Our TRU Complexion is a one-of-a-kind moisturizer. It's a 5 in 1 product!

1. Hydrates skin
2. Firms skin
3. Lightens pigmentation
4. Visibly improves the look and feel of the skin all while adding luminosity
5. Primes and preps the the skin for a more even foundation

Protect and perfect your skin instantly with this all in one multifunctional cream. It contains a natural SPF of 15 .

Our TRU Complexion has several amazing ingredients for skin protection and hydration that are not found in most moisturizers. This is why it is one of our most popular add-on items and top reorder items!

This is non-comedogenic - which means It won't clog your pores!

TRU Complexion 5 in 1 Ultimate Moisturizer is 0.5 oz.

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