Read what Pageant Planet Has To Say About TRU Airbrush Makeup

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Read what Pageant Planet Has To Say About TRU Airbrush Makeup
ru Airbrush Makeup: Spend the Money or Save the Dough

Have you ever wanted to look like Miss America? Well, now you can with Tru Airbrush Makeup, the official makeup sponsor of the Miss America pageant. Tru Airbrush Makeup is an exceptional all-natural brand that promises a fast, easy and flawless makeup finish.
This Kansas based company was started by a group of mothers who desired for a company based on the principles of superior customer service and exceptional, healthy makeup that will enhance a consumer’s skin.
I was immediately intrigued by the fact that the company boasts a 100% all-natural, gluten-free, mineral and water based product line. After reviewing the makeup, I believe this brand can be cited as one of the main reasons why all 52 contestants looked spectacular on stage this past weekend.
Why You Should Choose Airbrush Makeup
Airbrush makeup is becoming increasingly popular among makeup artists and clients seeking a flawless yet natural finish. Unlike traditional makeup application which uses brushes or sponges to rub the product into the skin, airbrush makeup sprays the product onto the skin using a fine mist. This ensures that the makeup will be applied slowly and evenly providing maximum coverage and a natural finish.
The Pros of Tru Airbrush Makeup 
In my opinion, Tru Airbrush Makeup is worth every single penny. Seriously. My airbrush kit arrived in a sleek, black travel case that immediately caught my eye upon opening the package. My happiness was deepened when I viewed my attractive pink and black airbrush applicator. The presentation was impressive and only heightened my excitement to try the products.
1. Complete Coverage
As someone who suffers from dark under eye circles, I was eager to assess the coverage of the concealer. I tried the wise disguise concealer in “buff” and was impressed by the creamy, lightweight texture of the product. The concealer was crease-resistant and offered opaque coverage that completely camouflaged my dark circles.
I was also impressed by the coverage offered by the foundation. The application was quick, easy and left my face feeling refreshed and clean. The foundation adapts to the textures and tones of your face leaving you with a shine-free finish that continues looking fabulous all day.
One of the things I absolutely loved about this makeup is that you can mix various foundation shades to create the perfect match for your skin tone. Being able to custom blend your own color means you’ll be able to change your specific color throughout the year as your skin changes tones.
The foundation will completely cover any redness or skin imperfections you may have without giving you a cake-like finish. You’ll love the flawless, natural finish Tru Airbrush foundation leaves you with.
Tru Airbrush Makeup’s “Glow” product is a highlighter/shimmer that left my skin feeling beyond radiant!
I loved the light rose glow Tru Airbrush Makeup blush (color: vintage rose) gave my cheeks! The color complimented my skin tone and didn’t overpower me at all.
I tried the company’s lipgloss in the color “power surge” and I loved the light color and soft finish it left on my lips.
2. Easy, fast application
The entire application process takes less than five minutes and will save you loads of time while getting ready. I was also pleasantly surprised by how easy the application process was. The foundation goes on very smoothly and quickly creating a nice, even texture.
3. All-natural products
One of the owners of Tru Airbrush Makeup is a licensed pharmacist who worked with a chemist to create healthy, natural products. The makeup is completely water and mineral based and gluten-free. Each product is infused with ingredients that will tighten, smooth and soften the skin.

4. No more mess
Start packing up your brushes and sponges! One of the benefits of using airbrush makeup is that you no longer need to rely on brushes, sponges or your fingertips to apply the makeup. Instead, the makeup is applied using a fine mist that applies the makeup leaving your skin feeling light and flawless. This method also prevents too much product getting placed on your skin.
5. Long-lasting
Say goodbye to mid-day touch-ups! The makeup lasted me well over 12 hours without caking, running or smearing. I still felt fresh, beautiful and presentable after hours of prolonged wear. This waterproof makeup will also be able to withstand those long pageant days and titleholder appearances that can be a makeup nightmare!
6. Worn by Miss America
Who wouldn’t want to feel like Miss America each and every day?!
The Cons of Tru Airbrush Makeup
In all honesty, there are really no apparent cons associated with this makeup brand. The products truly lived up to their reputation and I am happy to say I am one of their newest customers. However, I must say that handling the airbrush machine does take some practice. I would recommend doing a test run using water in order to become comfortable with holding the applicator.
Overall, Tru Airbrush Makeup is a rare find and I definitely recommend trying out their products. I guarantee you’ll be hooked! Airbrush makeup could be the secret weapon you need to achieve your pageant dreams! Click here to view all of the amazing products Tru Airbrush Cosmetics has to offer.

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